Exactly 3 years ago to the day we posted our first official Dr.Action and the Kick Ass Kid commentary 'Dark Angel (A.K.A. I Come In Peace)' and we're still here!

So help us celebrate our anniversary with an ALL NEW commentary.

Yes we are back ladies and germs, back amongst the exploding hallways of PM Entertainment with The Sweeper! It's a film in which C Thomas Howell, of all people, joins a shady underground vigilante squad. While working with them he kills absolutely everyone he meets, beds a hot, mad woman and avoids all the explosions PM Entertainment can throw at him, all so that he can go back to his lucrative job pool cleaning or something. (I may have made a lot of that up).

This obviously gives The Doc and The Kid the chance to talk about The Golden Girls whizzing on each other, Bryan Brown's unusual Hollywood inside stories, a new, oral sex based, confection and much much more!

We also review Run All Night the latest Neeson action thriller and discuss a new movie being shot right now in the Philippines, Showdown in Manilla starring some of our favourite B Team action heroes.

If you're watching action without us, you're doing it wrong!!

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