EPISODE 77 - It's Fifty/Fifty Weller and Diggstown Woods

EPISODE 77 - It's Fifty/Fifty Weller and Diggstown Woods

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You know how they say you can't have too much of a good thing?
Well, the wonderful Jon Wallace and I can't have too much Woods and Weller in our life and so, continuing our series on these two second-tier titans, we present, for your listening pleasure, our discussion of bonkers action film Fifty/Fifty and boxing hustle picture Diggstown.

We also take time out for Jon to tell us all about Sam Raimi's latest Disney skirmish Oz: The Great and Powerful, to discuss Olympus Has Fallen and work out the laziest and possibly most self indulgent Hollywood movie of 2013

Along with the usual comedy and music I don't know how we can't win!
Take a listen, won't you...

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