A Further 5 Random Bigfoot Thoughts from Owen

A Further 5 Random Bigfoot Thoughts from Owen

Bigfoot in the road

I know you all have missed my Bigfoot ramblings. So I’m back with more!

I haven't watched much Bigfoot stuff lately - I got burnt out on all the bad movies - I might start diving into more documentaries for next time.

Bigfoot's Wild Weekend (2012)


Bigfoot drinks booze, smokes weed, and steals panties. It’s about as funny as a children's hospital on fire. Don’t waste your time, I wasted mine for you.


Black River Monster (1986)


I wasn’t sure if this was a movie, or a bizarre ad for a girls horse riding camp. It’s short, mostly boring, and a site to behold. I can’t say it’s worth watching, but I’m glad it exists.


Wild Men (2017)


I can see what they were going for, with the parody of Bigfoot TV shows. The problem is none of the jokes landed.

The Bigfoot suit was decent. Too bad you have to sit through this whole movie, for maybe 10 minutes of Bigfoot action.

American Bigfoot (Kampout) (2017)


I forgot most of this movie, which is never a good sign. After skimming through it again, I remembered why - The first hour or so, we follow a ranger looking into strange attacks. Then, out of nowhere, it’s about a whole new group of people out camping.

Bigfoot starts killing them, then boom it ends. We just see the ranger, and the remaining kids listening to Bigfoot screams. What a bunch of bullshit!

The Son of Bigfoot


A evil company wants Bigfoot to experiment on him to cure baldness. It’s up to his half human son to save him, with a crew of new animal friends.

It’s a, mostly generic, coming out of your shell and acceptance story. The music used is really out of place, but it’s an overall decent animated movie.

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