Ash Vs Evil Dead 206 - Trapped Inside - SPOILER FREE Review

Ash Vs Evil Dead 206 - Trapped Inside - SPOILER FREE Review


Official Synopsis: An angry mob corners Ash and the team in Brock's house while Ruby tries to summon the spell to send Baal back to hell. Ash finally proves to the townsfolk he is not a murderer but a hero, when a familiar deadite comes for him.

Good: Everything.
Bad: Why were there two big filler episodes near the beginning of the season??

Towards the end of Season 1 we got Ash's severed hand wandering towards that oh so familiar cabin and a tingle went up my spine and a geek fueled, 25 years in the making, grin went across my face. Then we got an insanely detailed recreation of the cabin, Ash fighting evil Ash, one-liners, splatstick, surprises and more. The last 3 episodes of Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1 were all I ever wanted as a rabid fan of the franchise and a whole lot more. Everything beyond that would just be occasional icing on the cake.

Season 2 then started, for me, with a huge, glorious, homage heavy bang! Everything I loved was back. Then we got, what I honestly think, with hindsight, were two filler episodes. I am not really sure what episode 2 and 3 were doing. Yes we got some memorable 'water-cooler' set pieces and yes The Classic got its time in the sun (...or should that be moon?) but considering what happened at the end of episode 3, wouldn't it have been better to spend some time with Brock?

Any how... enough of my moaning... Over episodes 4 & 5 Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 really came into its own and started to soar with some great ideas, some strong plot and some interesting character moments and episode 6 takes all that and blows it through the roof.

AVED 6 3.jpg

When the episode finished I wanted to applaud, stand on the roof and yell "WATCH ASH VS EVIL DEAD YOU FUCKERS BECAUSE IT'S A THING OF BEAUTY!!!" I had a full on, emotional, geek spasm.

This week we get the exceptional and incredible attention to detail, which proves time and time again that this is the best production team on television, we get character moments, emotional moments, funny moments, scary moments, sad moments... it's tremendous.

Every single cast member from Bruce Campbell on down are doing their very best work and, without spoiling too much, there is an extended cameo in this episode that, if you're even a tiny Evil Dead fan will blow your socks, pants, shirt and hat clean off. When I think of it now I get giddy and shake with joy.

As a fan, a longtime fan, a passionate fan who knows this franchise inside, out, up, down and intimately, the detail and the authenticity of this show is award worthy, applaud worthy, hug worthy... All I am going to say is band aid (plaster) on forehead. That's cryptic. Or maybe it isn't. Still, bravo AVED crew, bra-fucking-vo!

There are a couple of things that happen in this episode that will, no doubt, make a lot of fans sad. Me too. For me they could've removed episode 2 'The Morgue' and extended the story-line and/or action of this episode over a whole hour rather than just 30 minutes.

That being said, that this episode exists at all and that it's as good as it is and that it comes after last week's episode which was awesome as well, is a pure, amazing, bright, shimmering fan dream. If this is the pace of the show, if this is certain members of the cast's moment to shine then so be it. I got 30 minutes of pure, unadulterated, Evil Dead-ed-ness that I will forever cherish.

It is also a testament to how beloved Pablo, Kelly and Ruby are now, within the franchise, that even the headline grabbing cameo doesn't, at all, distract from the painful, emotional and crazy shit they're all going through the last two episodes. The running gag of the series is actually that they are the A plot. They're the A team! Theirs is the important narrative, the life and world threatening story-line. Ash, on the other hand, is who we mostly follow, just bumbles, fights, drinks, does drugs and complains about the place. It's sort of genius that the star of the show is not really who the show is about.

But it works, a balance has been found, that illusive line between horror and comedy, action set-pieces and character, emotion etc. and Ash Vs Evil Dead has it just right, right in the sweet spot...

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