Owen's 5 random Bigfoot thoughts

Owen's 5 random Bigfoot thoughts

bigfoot and raccoon

As I continue my journey to watch as many Bigfoot movies as possible, I decided to do these short random thoughts on the movies right after watching them. 

So every five movies, I’ll do one of these posts. 

If one sparks my interest, I might do a longer, full review.
Until then here's the last five I watched, with a paragraph about what I thought.

The Shadow of Bigfoot (2013)


I wanted to love this low budget UK Bigfoot movie, but it ended up being really dull. 
It felt like someone marathoned Finding Bigfoot, then wrote a script and filmed it in a weekend with friends. 
You hardly see Bigfoot and when you do its a shadow, or blurry.
I can’t recommend this to anyone.

The Sighting (2006)


Two guys are attacked by a group of “Sasquatch” on a back road. They looked more like people wearing fur, and wielding baseball bats and that's probably because they are… They’re just inbred wild people.

This could have been a decent short film, but they stretched it out to full length. It was trying to be smarter then it is, with an unnecessary opened ending. Its well shot, just completely forgettable.

Return to Boggy Creek (1977)  


It doesn’t fallow the originals docudrama style. It’s a G rated children’s adventure. The beast turns out to be nice, and saves some people. The movie drags, and isn’t that exciting but it's not a terrible movie, it’s just for the most hardcore Bigfoot aficionados.

Hunting Grounds (2015)


Well made, and ok acting but I couldn't care less about the father, and son drama.
The first half drags, until the Sasquatch shows up. It’s not terrible, and it's not great. It's a solid ok, maybe give it a try.

You can see Jon Cross's full review of Hunting Grounds right here and hear a podcast with the Director here

Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon (2006)


This movie is dreadful, full of characters you hate, played by people who can’t act.
When Ron Jeremy is your best actor, you know you have a problem.
I wasted my time, don’t waste yours!
If I had to say something positive, it had an ok Bigfoot suit.

So there you go! I survived another five Bigfoot movies!
While most of them suffer from the fake cover art and I can’t say any of them truly entertained me, if you’re a hardcore Bigfoot cinema fan, you should watch them.
If you’re a casual observer, maybe you should skip these.

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