Owen's Top 10 Bigfoot Movies (so far)

Owen's Top 10 Bigfoot Movies (so far)

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After Movie Diner Editor, Jon Cross:
Guest contributor Owen Durivage is a wonderful, mad, creative, bearded genius from Vermont. He is host of many podcasts, like Cartoon Curious and Bride of Chickenstein and creator of lots of great YouTube videos, including the infamous Bigfoot Stole My Mail musical!

Owen, as you might have gathered by his musical creation, is one of the foremost authorities in Bigfoot ever to exist and also, definitely, one of the most bearded. To celebrate the release of our latest Bigfoot themed podcast, I asked Owen to assemble his Top 10 Bigfoot Movies.

This is what he said:

Owen and Bigfoot on the couch

I need to preface this list. When Jon asked me to do it, he wanted my "ultimate Bigfoot movie Top 10 ". I didn't feel comfortable doing this. I've only seen roughly 40 Bigfoot movies (which is way more than most normal humans hahaha, I've written Top 10s based on less! - Jon). As I see more, this list will change. So here are 10 I’d recommend out of the ones I've seen.

Cry Wilderness Movie Poster

10: Cry Wilderness (1987)
Thanks to the new MST3K, this forgotten movie has grown new legs.

It's about a boy who runs away from boarding school because Bigfoot tells him his dad is in trouble. If that's not strange enough, you witness animals that are supposed to be wild, tethered to trees, some very odd acting characters, and a tiger who spies on people out of a window. 

Most of the movie is about looking for an escaped tiger, not a ton of talking Bigfoot. 

I would suggest you grab some friends, maybe some beer, and have a laugh.

The Capture of Bigfoot 1979 Movie Poster

9: The Capture of Bigfoot (1979)
Here’s another one you want to watch with friends.
It falls under the category of the cover being better than the movie. Bigfoot does throw a snow machine but it’s not as awesome as the cover.

Bigfoot looks more like the abominable snowman from Rudolph.

Ol' Sasquatch is out for revenge because it's kid has been shot.

This movie includes such ridiculousness as a boss throwing his employee out of a window only for him to brush himself off, and go back into the meeting with the boss like nothing happened.

Yes, you’re in for an odd ride.

8: Exists (2014)
This is the only found footage film to make the list. It has many of the bad tropes of these type of films:
- Why are they filming their friend dying?
- At one point they took the time to mount cameras on a bike, before their friend rode off for help.

Despite my distaste for found footage movies, and the weak ending, it’s actually, overall, not bad, and worth a watch.

Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century Movie Poster German

7: Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century (1977)
Here’s an odd one.

It has a Yeti, that looks like a multistorey tall caveman.

They thaw him from ice and he befriends some kids. A rich businessman brings him to the city and tries to use him as a marketing tool.

Much like King Kong, he goes on a rampage.

A fun ride, with a catchy disco theme.

6: Creature from Black Lake (1976)
The adventures of Rives and Pahoo, college students looking for the mysterious creature.

They run into some interesting locals, hang with some women, and learn that the beast is real.

I enjoyed Bigfoot messing up their van.

Some 70s low budget drive-in fair which inspired this awesome song from Moe's Haven!

Bigfoot The Movie Poster

5: Bigfoot: the Movie (2015)
After the death of their friend to a Bigfoot, 3 rednecks go on the hunt for the beast.

Meanwhile, of course, the mayor is trying to cover it up for his own purpose.

Heavy drinking, and silliness ensue.

More comedy than horror, but a fun, indie flick just the same.

Demon Warp movie poster

4: Demonwarp (1988)
This one is pure madness.

It starts out like a normal Bigfoot movie but then, the next thing you know there are zombies, and aliens!

The “hero” is a complete jerk to everyone.

A slice of mostly forgotten 80s cheese.

Abominable Movie Poster

3:  Abominable (2006) 
It’s Rear Window with a Bigfoot.

It stars Matt McCoy and Lance Henriksen, both of whom are Bigfoot movie veterans.

After a climbing accident left him paralyzed, and his wife dead, Matt McCoy's doctor decides that sending him back to his cabin where it happened, would be good for him.

While there, with his male nurse, he notices a creature stalking the girls next door.

With nice practical effects, and an ok story, it’s one of my favorites.

Harry and the Hendersons painted movie poster

2: Harry and the Hendersons (1987)
The only Oscar-winning Bigfoot movie.

After a family hits and thinks they killed a Bigfoot, they strap it to the roof of thier car and bring it home.

It’s not dead and is now loose in suburbia.

It’s a bit on the long side but It’s a childhood favorite and just good family fun.

1: Night of the Demon (1980)
A man in the hospital tells of what happened to him and his friends.

This includes stories of Bigfoot attacks he tells his friends around a campfire.

The best part in these Bigfoot stories nobody survives, so how would anyone know them?

One even includes a sleeping bag kill (long before Jason Voorhees ever did it)

The story kills are all memorable.

That’s just the start, once they see Bigfoot is real, it gets crazy, ending in a final scene that must be seen to be believed.

It might not be well made, but It’s extremely entertaining.

I can’t recommend this movie enough.

After Movie Diner Editor, Jon Cross:
So there you have it! Owen's current Top 10 Bigfoot films. Track them down and give them all a watch if you want more S'Quatch in your life. 

You can find Owen:
On Twittertwitter.com/cartooncurious
On YouTubeyoutube.com/user/owenneil

Listen to our podcast on Bigfoot Movies: Hunting Grounds, Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot and Abominable - including interview with Bigfoot loving movie Director, John Portanova

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