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Interview with Michael Madsen

Aaron Carruthers talks to Michael Madsen about his varied career. From being in films by PM Entertainment to working with Directors like Ridley Scott, Roger Donaldson and Quentin Tarantino. He talks about being in a Bond film, getting drunk with Lawrence Tierney, the potential for a Vega Brothers movie, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and lots, lots more.

Interview with Zach Galligan

One of the biggest, weirdest and wonderful movies of the 1980s was Gremlins and it made a star out of its leading man, Zach Galligan and meant that we never looked at microwaves or stairlifts the same way again. While at Comic Con Scotland’s “For the love of the 80s” event, Aaron Carruthers got to chat with Galligan about Gremlins and a lot more!